Actuarial valuations

Funding valuations, international accounting valuations and others.

We have developed internally various programs/routines in order to be able to run the most challenging actuarial valuations. These routines are used to perform:

  • Funding valuations such as :
    • Minimum funding requirement / provision
    • Contributions to be paid to a pension fund/Group Insurance Company
    • Solvency Requirements
  • International Accounting Valuations such as :
    • USGAAP – FAS87/158/112/106/88
    • IFRS – IAS 19
    • UKGAAP – FRS17
  • Valuations of non-typical arrangements such as :
    • Early retirement scheme
    • Jubilee plans
    • Retirement/Termination Indemnity

For various reasons and purposes, we can also project future cash-flows of benefits. Furthermore, we are happy to participate in any discussions on assumption setting and actuarial methods.


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